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Because of stupid people taking money out of accounts when they shouldn’t, I’m in the red now in my bank account. I don’t want late fees to continue piling up and I don’t get paid again until next week from my job so I’m having a flash emergency sale! All flat colored/inked work is only $20 instead of the usual $25-35 for colored work.

Just 4 people wanting commissions would really help me out right now. If you cannot buy but still wish to help then may I please ask of you a reblog? I appreciate anyone who comes to look at this but I do need some help.

For anyone interested you can contact me at dustyturbo(at) I accept paypal only I’m afraid. I’m hoping some of you might be able to help me out. thank you for taking the time to read!

^ Please support, she’s an awesome artist and a great person!

The formal concept sketch of what Octavia’s throat midooby looks like and what it does. basically lighting up and changing colors according to her pitch and range. How she ends up like this is blamed on a human she once considered a friend until the Autobots got hold of him and turned him against her, he would vow revenge for the deceit which Octavia takes pretty hard but she doesn’t want to give up on their friendship just yet, even after nearly having her head sliced off. 

This also shows some big changes i’ve made to Octavia’s design in general.

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